Misner Smith

Misner & Smith album art

I am incredibly proud to announce the public release of Misner & Smith s new album Seven Hour Storm with original artwork, design and layout by 2407graphics available everywhere October 15th, 2013.

Sam and Megan have been making beautiful music together for years, so as a fan and a friend I was flattered to be asked to contribute to the new project. Our initial meetings evolved into an amazing collaboration, resulting in a comprehensive visual campaign to support what is undeniably an important leap in their sound.

Have a look at the complete project below, including artwork, packaging design, web graphics and promotional materials showcasing the breathtaking photography of Rik Keller.

Most importantly, give the album a listen , then pick up a copy for yourself, artwork and all.

Album Art

Liner Notes

Album Release Poster

promotional poster

Promotional poster

promotional photo poster

Contact postcard for website

"contact" web image

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